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Mobility Life Service.

전국민 모빌리티 라이프 서비스

Open meta platform service that applies various business methodologies

​Auto&Platform enhances your business.


through partnership​ Fast system linkage service with API

Total management

​A service that provides services on the platform and manages various information such as reservations and sales management in an integrated way

Big Data

Use of marketing by recording various data such as shopping information, service information, and search information

Customer analysis

​To analyze and pattern data for each season and weather of customers, and to provide customized services.  analytics service

Even today, our service continues to collect relevant data.

There are shopping data and service data preferred by customers, and unique customer activity data and service usage data are collected.

This data collects and combines numerous data such as weather, seasonal data and searched data on a specific date, data put in shopping cart, data on clicks on products and services, and analyzes patterns.

This pattern is for unique data  We research and analyze in order to provide information preferred by customers through statistics with more similar characteristics by using statistics on gender, gender, and age.

Even as you are reading this, data is still being collected.

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